Joy, Inc.

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In 2013, 2,528 visitors came from around the world to visit Menlo Innovations, a small software company in Ann Arbor, Michigan. They made the trek not to learn about technology, but to witness a radically different approach to workplace culture— one intentionally designed to produce joy.

CEO and Chief Storyteller Rich Sheridan removed the fear and ambiguity that typically make a workplace miserable. With joy as the explicit goal for Menlo’s staff, as well as their clients and the people who use the products they create, Sheridan and his team changed everything about how the company was run. Now he offers an inside look at a shared belief system that influences physical space, embraces making mistakes, and eliminates meetings—all while fostering dignity and respect for the team.

Joy, Inc. is for readers in any field who want tangible examples of a healthier, happier atmosphere at work—leading to the sustainable business results required for growth.

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